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Your Medicine 1-2-3 pro

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Your Medicine 1-2-3 is unique in many ways, like having full support for time zones, and not in an on-off only fashion, you get plenty of choices. There is support for take-as-needed medications, support for contraceptives, and support for when you have to keep strict interval-based control on something, like your diabetes.For take as needed medicines, 1-2-3 can control overdoses by enforcing a daily limit on the number of doses and a minimum spacing between takes.
For contraceptives, monophasic, biphasic, triphasic and quadriphasic pills are all supported, in cycles of 4, 5, 10 and 13 weeks. Are you on the go? Not a problem, as 1-2-3 can accurately compensate for time zones changes and deliver notifications at the correct time.
Non-continuous treatments are another notable distinction of 1-2-3: treatments can go for a number of days, then pause for a period, and then automatically resume for a new cycle. Good news for people under chemotherapy treatments, which often require intermittence.
There is also a special feature designed with the help of ADD patients: you do not need a fixed time for the first take of the day. A simple reminder is prompted and, when you are ready and only when you are ready, then begin your daily cycle. This marks the start of your med cycle and from here all doses dynamically offset themselves from the previous one.
You can safely keep your important health-related information always with you, as 1-2-3 allows storing information on eight categories: emergencies, about me, medicines, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, health plans and extra info.
This information is unstructured, you are not bound to a predefined set of fields. Enter information as it makes sense to you. Phone numbers, addresses and URLs all become live links leading to actions, like making a phone call, sending an E-Mail, locating an address on the map or opening a web page.
All memo data is encrypted and you can create an app password to further protect it. Editing long texts on handhelds can be quite difficult. Thankfully, you can create and edit text files on your home computer, and then easily import them into 1-2-3.
A simple home screen widget can make emergency and about me information quickly available to anyone that happens to have access to your device. If disaster strikes, it is good to be prepared.
With the help of the I-C-E add-on, the concept of an In Case of Emergency app is taken to a next level: 1-2-3 has the capability to request your device to page an emergency contact if a sliding prescription gets too late. This kind of prescription is well suited for conditions that require constant monitoring and have potential to render a person unconscious. This SMS alert also contains the approximate device location as provided by Google Geocoder technology.
We carry a sophisticated and safe notification mechanism: notifications are clean, non-confusing, and reliable. There are shake-to-silence and shake-to-bypass-lock-screen features, allowing you to silence alarms blazingly fast and to handle notifications without the need to unlock/re-lock your device.
Inventory levels can be checked and adjusted directly on any notification screen, a real time saver. You also get a silent, unobtrusive daily reminder about medicines on low or depleted stock.
At every notification, you can collect notes, metrics and your overall feeling. For instance, this allows you to gather data on your blood pressure at the same time you take your anti-hypertensive. Very convenient, and the accumulated information can be emailed to your doctor.
Thank you very much for considering Your Medicine 1-2-3 for your personal health care.